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    Mailing list for the administrative contacts of the InGOS project for contractual, financial and reporting issues.
  • NA2 Harmonisation historic datasets
  • NA3 Harmonisation GHG measurements
  • NA4 QA halocarbons
  • NA5 QA Flux measurements
  • NA6 Ocean
  • TNA1 'Super' sites
  • TNA2 Observation sites
  • TNA3 Airborne CH4 fluxes
  • TNA4 Calibration Service
  • SA Data center
  • JRA1 Measurement innovations
  • JRA2 Remote sensing integration
  • JRA3 Modelling
  • JRA4 Innovations in isotopes
  • JRA5 Innovations in halocarbons
  • JRA6 Combination of flux and tall towers


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