All good things come to an end…

So the InGOS project now officially has ended by 31 December 2015. We can look back at a very successful project with many great achievements. We are now in the phase of the final reporting that has to be finished by the end of February. Most of the deliverables have been submitted, still some are missing, our partners are working hard to deliver them as soon as possible, the underlying work has all been done.

InGOS has been a very ambitious project, that has built a community of dedicated scientists and technicians from many areas and contributed to large progress in the observation techniques of non-CO2 greenhouse gases concentrations and fluxes. It is a pity that we won’t be able to continue directly with a follow-up InGOSplus project to keep the consortium together, but the prospects for continued cooperation at a later stage are good! And of course many of the achievements from InGOS will be picked up by ICOS and other projects, where many of the InGOS participants also contribute.

Now back to the final strokes of InGOS, but before that I of course want to wish you all a happy and succesful 2016!

Alex Vermeulen (InGOS coordinator)


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