InGOS Final Report submitted

This is to inform you that the InGOS 3rd period report, final report and 3rd period Form C’s have just been submitted to the Commission.

For InGOS members all documents are downloadable from the member section of the InGOS website. Just select on the menu the options Member Area->Member Documents and the browse to EU Reports->INGOS – 3rd Period Report or INGOS Final Report.

The public version of the 3rd periodic report is available to everyone.

The public version of the final report is available for everyone.

Of course I’d like to finish wih a laudatum:

Thank YOU all for your contributions, without you as WP leader, PI or participant this all would not been possible!

Thanks also to the ECN crew, for assisting me with the coordination and the project wrok: Albert Bleeker, Arjan Hensen, Arnoud Frumau, Danielle van Dinther, Mark Blom, Piet Jongejan en Pim van den Bulk. Not to forget in the proposal phase: Petra Kroon!

Big thanks also to our Scientific Advisory Board: Adrian Simmons, Ed Dlugocencky and Ray Weiss!

And last but not least: most thanks to Sylvia Walter for the terrific work as Project manager! She successfully hunted you (and me) with result: SUCCESS!

Now all we can do is wait for resurrection of InGOS as InGOS-plus! Vi ses!!!

Alex Vermeulen

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