Access to stations, facilities and measurement services

One of the most important tasks of InGOS is to give external users access to the stations, facilities and services, referred to within the project as Transnational Access (TNA). In InGOS there are different types of TNA; there is access to so-called supersites (TNA1), access to stations (TNA2), the possibility to do measurements using an aircraft (TNA3), the opportunity to make use of the calibration service or the cucumber reference laboratory (TNA4), and the option to make use of an isotope service (TNA5).

TNA1: Supersites

InGOS supersites can be found at the following research facilities:

TNA2: Stations

Through the partners of InGOS a list of measurement stations throughout Europe become available for external parties to make use of for their research.

TNA3: Aircraftph-wur

As part of the TNA InGOS offers the opportunity for external parties to make use of the aircraft available at some of the research facilities:

  • Lund University (ULUND, Sweden)
  • Wageningen Univeristy (WUR, Netherlands)

TNA4: Calibration services and cucumber reference laboratories

Standards production laboratories:

  • Max Planck Gesellschaft (MPG, Germany)
  • University of Bristol (UNIVBRIS, United Kingdom)

Cucumber reference laboratories:

  • Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives (CEA, France)
  • University of East Anglia (UEA, United Kingdom)
  • University of Heidelberg (UHEI, Germany)

TNA5: Isotope Service


Getting access

In order to get access to the stations and facilities, external users will have to apply through this website. This facilitates the planning and the financial commitments needed in order to provide the support. Users can also in most cases apply for travel and subsistence support. Read more on TNA in this EU document (PDF) before applying!

Each application for TNA1, TNA2 and TNA3 should be accompanied by a detailed workplan following the TNA Workplan template (MS Word DOC). Please note that consultation of the site PI is always necessary. Travel budget in TNA1 and TNA2 is limited to € 500 per person per application and support is foreseen for at maximum a daily subsistence of €50 per person. The unit of access requested is usually the “research working day” (RWD). The number of units needed should be negotiated carefully with the service provider and is not necessarily equal to the number of measurement days!

TNA request and request status pages:

All TNA projects except those for TNA4 have to be reported through the online reporting form at this website within 3 months after the TNA project ends, which requires you to submit a technical and a financial report (ms-word or pdf). For TNA4 a confirmation of receipt of the calibrated gas cyclinders or cucumbers needs to be uploaded upon delivery. Only after these have been approved by the TNA officer the final payments can be arranged and the TNA application will be closed.