InGOS 2nd Periodic Project Meeting, 14 – 16 October 2014, Florence, Italy


Registration: Please register for the meeting before 15 September by using the registration form.

Abstracts: Please upload your abstracts before 15 September by using the registration form.

Venue: Meeting Center Convitto della Calza

Agenda: Please find the detailed agenda here. Registration at the venue and payment (only cash) is open from 10 o´clock on on tuesday 14 October.

Pre–meetings: It is possible to organize additional work package meetings on Tuesday morning. Please contact us for more information about rooms and costs.

Costs: The costs of the meeting will be partly allocated. The amount is to be determined, but will be around 100–150€, paid cash at the venue. Please be prepared for this.

Accommodation: At three hotels rooms are blocked for participants. Please be aware that this contingent is limited and allocated on a “first comes – first serves” basis. If you wish to book one of the rooms here, please return the Accommodation Form CONVITTO DELLA CALZA DIRECTLY to the Convitto della Calza BEFORE 15th of September 2014. Due to the special arrangements, we advise you to book at your earliest convenience. Available hotels are:

Traveling / general information: More information can be found on or

Contact: or (local organizer)