Las Majadas


The “Las Majadas” ecosystem infrastructure consists of a high-profile, state-of-the-art flux tower station. Extensive monitoring (fluxes, micrometeorology, soil conditions, N deposition, phenology, reflectance vegetation indexes, etc) is maintained at the site. The site is a well established observational facility for ecosystem process studies, is located in a dehesa ecosystem (Holm Oak open woodland with pasture) in Las Majadas del Tietar, Extremadura, Spain. Access to users is focused on international visiting scientists and research groups who wish to conduct process-based ecosystem studies in such Mediterranean ecosystem. Users will be offered to conduct in-situ analysis, field measurement campaigns and/or to deploy their measurement instruments and scientific devices at the infrastructure.

Access will be offered for short-term and long-term installation of instruments and scientific devices, field campaigns and in-situ analysis. Depending on the planned research activities and the scientific needs, users can choose between different infrastructure locations existing at the site. Typical duration of work will vary depending on the infrastructure and the type of access, but is expected to be in the range of several days to several months. In order to avoid conflicting interests and schedules, and disturbance of the normal research activities at the infrastructure, set-up of equipment as well as field campaigns will have to be scheduled and planned well in advance of the access with the infrastructure management

A web-page displaying basic information and near real time data of the site is under development and will be operative and available at the beginning of the project.