Workshop: Advancing the science of gas exchange between fresh waters and the atmosphere

Dates:  16-19 September, 2014 (be prepared to travel already on 15 Sept, bus arrives to the Helsinki airport around 5 pm on 19 Sept) Location: Hyytiälä Forestry Field Station, Finland, Sponsored by: ICOS-Finland (Integrated Carbon Observation System), University of … Continue reading

InGOS N2O flux measurement campaign at DTU Risø, Denmark, April 15‐30, 2013

This campaign is directed towards the InGOS project task 13.2, combining FTIR‐analyzer with micromet techniques for multi‐species. The goal of the campaign is to compare different instruments (e.g. FTIR; Off‐axis LGR; Campbell; GC) applied for concentration and/or flux measurements by micro‐meteorological or … Continue reading