InGOS – International conference – poster abstracts

Observation platforms

P01 – Dvorska – Atmospheric Station Kresin u Pacova, Czech Republic- Measurements, sampling design, footprint and cooperation

P02 – de la Paz – N2O and CH4 distribution in the North Atlantic- observations from oceanic platforms

P03 – Necki – Methane concentration and isotope composition analyses over the Silesian Coal Basin, Poland

P04 – Frumau – Spectronus measurements at the Cabauw tower in the Netherlands

QA and data harmonization / storage

P05 – Levin – A European-wide intercomparison of atmospheric 222Radon and 222Radon progeny measurements

P06 – Fjaeraa – EBAS database as InGOS halocarbon data centre

P07 – Ivakhov – Results of methane concentration measurements in the vicinity of Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Emissions of non–CO2 greenhouse gases: process studies

P08 – Dusek – Why are methane emissions delayed in the response to the water level fluctuation and soil temperature

P09 – Belelli – Marchesini – Tracking changes in methane emissions from a restored peat meadow in North Holland

P10 – Agueda – Atmospheric observing station at the Ebre River Delta – NW Mediterranean area

P11 – Machacova – Summer fluxes of methane from tree stems in boreal forest are influenced by soil water content

P12 – Scheeren – Verification of methane emissions from atmospheric observations of CH4, 13CH4, and related tracers at the Lutjewad tower

P13 – Walter – Isotopic evidence for biogenic H2 production in the Atlantic Ocean

Flux measurements and the ecosystem-scale

P14 – Grossel – 2 case studies of N2O measurements by eddy covariance during field campaigns- data analysis and uncertainty sources

P15 – Mammarella – Estimating random uncertainty of flux measurements by the eddy covariance technique

P16 – Nemitz – InGOS activities in support of a standardised eddy-covariance flux protocols for CH4 and N2O

P17 – Peltola – EddyUH – an advanced software for processing eddy covariance flux data

P18 – van Huisteden – A portable automatic chamber system for measurement of CO2 and CH4 fluxes in wetland vegetation

Novel tracers: Isotopes and multi-tracer methods

P19 – Fisher – Identifying regional methane isotopic source signatures from δ13C measurements at European stations in the InGOS TNA program

P20 – Lowry – Spatial Variability of Carbon Isotopic Signatures of Methane in Northern Europe- Evidence from Mobile Campaigns and Inventories

P21 – Popa – Measurements of the stable isotopes 13C and 18O in atmospheric CO at IMAU, Utrecht University, NL

P22 – Umezawa – Methane isotope measurements of CARIBIC air samples and preliminary inter-laboratory comparisons

P23 – Manca – Measurements of stable carbon and hydrogen isotopes in atmospheric methane at Ispra – Italy

P24 – Chen – Isotopic signatures of production and uptake of H2 by soil

P25 – Batenburg – The stable isotopic composition of atmospheric molecular hydrogen at the Cabauw tall tower in the Netherlands

P26 – Röckmann – Field measurements of the isotopic composition of atmospheric methane with IRMS at the Cabauw tower

Halocarbon observations

P27 – Sturges – Measuring the chlorine and carbon isotopic composition of chlorofluorocarbons

P28 – Gooch – Observations of halogenated trace gases in Taiwan and Malaysia

Long-time and large scale observations

P29 – Kock – A new estimate of global oceanic methane and nitrous oxide emissions from the MEMENTO database

Remote sensing observations

P30 – Kivi – Methane observations using FTS and AirCore

P31 – Robinson – Ground-based remote sensing on CH4 by Differential Absorption LiDAR

P32 – Sussmann – Retrieval of methane columns and profiles from mid-infrared FTIR spectrometry and intercalibration to TCCON

Inverse modeling

P33 – Dils – Validation of CH4 model data with ACE-FTS

P34 – Tsuruta – Carbontracker Europe – CH4 inverse model for InGOS project