InGOS N2O flux measurement campaign at DTU Risø, Denmark, April 15‐30, 2013

This campaign is directed towards the InGOS project task 13.2, combining FTIR‐analyzer with micromet techniques for multi‐species.

The goal of the campaign is to compare different instruments (e.g. FTIR; Off‐axis LGR; Campbell; GC) applied for concentration and/or flux measurements by micro‐meteorological or chamber based approaches.

The campaign will take place at the Risø DTU TNA‐site willow‐plantation, in Zealand, DK. The plantation will becut in the winter 2012/2013, and ca. one week prior to commence of the campaign measurements, the site will be fertilized with digested slurry to achieve a significant N2O emission rate.

The campaign will begin Monday 15.4.2013, and is envisioned to run for two weeks, or longer if needed. Prior to this date, the site will be available for e.g. instrument preparation, installation and pre‐calibration, or other actions needed in order to initiate measurements on the desired date.

Access to a limited number of guest‐rooms is available at the Risø DTU campus, and will be available on a first-come first‐served basis.

A number of conventional hostel/hotel accommodation options are available in the city of Roskilde, ca. 5‐7 km from the test site.!prettyPhoto‐Roskilde/

The test site is equipped with mains power and i‐net. See further details at the relevant InGOS website page

Application for site‐access is also available at the InGOS website

If you are interested in participating in this campaign, and for further information, please contact:

Professor Per Ambus
Centre for Ecosystems and Environmental Sustainability (ECO)
DTU Chemical Engineering
Technical University of Denmark
Tel: +45 2132 5398

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