Job announcement: Consultant (MACC-II project) on assimilation of greenhouse gas data

Info from: Richard van Engelen, ECMWF

The main duty of the post is to work on the assimilation of greenhouse gases within the MACC-II project:

  • Develop further the assimilation of satellite data on CO2 and CH4 in the Integrated Forecasting System (IFS)
  • Explore the potential of assimilating in situ CO2 and CH4 data
  • Assess the performance of the data assimilation system for these variables
  • Collaborate closely with the MACC-II consultant working on greenhouse-gas modelling on issues such as biases, model deficiencies and background error representation
  • Collaborate with MACC-II consultants working on reactive gases to study interactions through the oxidising capacity of the atmosphere
  • Ensure developments on greenhouse-gas assimilation are integrated with other developments within the Satellite Data Section, for mutual benefits regarding atmospheric composition and NWP
  • Liaise as required with other partners within the MACC-II subproject on greenhouse gases, in particular with regard to the inference of surface fluxes from atmospheric analyses of CO2 and CH4

Typically within the range of £3,920.00 to £5,429.00 per month net of tax, depending upon qualifications, experience, personal situation and eligibility for expatriation allowance. A deduction of either £31.94 per beneficiary or 4.14% of the monthly remuneration will be made for the supplementary health insurance scheme.

Apply before: 23 december 2011

Starting date: 1 January 2012, or as soon as possible thereafter.

Length of contract: Until 31 July 2014 (the end of the MACC-II project).

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