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The Energy Analysis and Environmental Impacts Department at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) seeks a motivated postdoctoral fellow to participate in local to regional predictions of atmospheric transport for multi-scale estimation of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from California.


Essential responsibilities include meso-scale atmospheric transport modeling and analysis of temporal and spatial datasets for quantification of full-suite GHG fluxes (e.g., CO2, CH4, N2O, and halocarbon). Specific work will include 1) numerical simulation of retrospective meso-scale meteorology using the NCAR Weather Research Forecast (WRF), 2) evaluation and reduction of transport model errors through comparison and assimilation of surface and/or atmospheric measurements, 3) computation of surface influence functions (footprints), and predicted atmospheric GHG signals with a focus on model uncertainties, and 4) publication of combined model-measurement analysis in peer-reviewed literature. Secondary responsibilities may include assistance with quality control of trace gas measurements and compilation and refinement of a priori bottom-up GHG emission maps.


The candidate must have a Ph.D. in atmospheric science, physics, applied mathematics, or related discipline that demonstrates expertise in mesoscale meteorological model development or multi-dimensional Green’s function analysis in a data assimilation framework. Experience with data assimilation and atmospheric transport modeling on local to regional scales would be advantageous. Having strong quantitative and programming skills, and the ability to communicate as evidenced by a record of publication, are necessary. The ability to work effectively in a collaborative environment with scientists from several institutions is important. Experience with spatial data processing and analysis is preferred. Experience with programming in FORTRAN/C/C++, and the R statistical scripting language would be advantageous.

Questions can be addressed to Dr. Marc L. Fischer (MLFischer@lbl.gov)

Job applications should be submitted to the following website:

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